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LAMP Development


LAMP refers to a mass of free software programs that are used to run dynamic sites or servers such as Linux, Apache, MySQL the database management system or PHP, the programming language.

LAMP offers incomparable advantages such as: :
  Open Source community is one which promotes knowledge sharing as well as resource sharing that in turn contributes in problem solving. Libraries of sample application code along with knowledge bases of the community help to bring down development time by letting acclimation as well as re-usage.
  The density of LAMP component stack is easy to deploy and helps in reducing the processing operating cost.
  The users have great level of flexibility at their organization as LAMP can run on a wide range of platforms. There is an option to install on clusters or grids of economical x86-based servers. The computing architecture of the usefulness offers an optimized combination of effective resource utilization, abstraction, high availability and instant quantifiability.
  The LAMP server mess possesses lower tap density.

BigLeap, being a professional Internet consulting and application design company renders to its clients irrespective of their location. We specialize in, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl), software design application development with database integration and overall LAMP consulting. BigLeap holds a team of software consultants, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals who know software and good development patterns.

BigLeap is with you from planning the hosting environment to development of LINUX, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.