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    Ours is an operation that sets up IT infrastructure to foster a collaborative environment for optimizing the reach of knowledge. Industry analysts foresee a world where IT infrastructures are reflexive, automatic, available low cost, and very sensitive to the needs of organization. Computer/IT-based storage and communication technologies are making many progressive methods for the creation, implementation and delivery of educational resources. The role and importance of conventional approaches to educational provisions therefore need to be put for an evaluation. This gains importance in the aspect of the growing need for facilities to support lifelong learning. If an organization has identified this need, then the next question before it is how new, computer/IT-based approaches to teaching and learning can be applied to the problems of supporting lifelong learning. The answer can be found from our services and solutions. BigLeap with its mission called CampusLeap strives to remain as the choicest partner for the education industry. CampusLeap aims at extending the arms and limbs of information technology for creating a room for total development in the educational sphere.