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Embedded software is a highly specialized area of software development and closely linked with systems programming.

BigLeap is a provider of embedded software services, with years of experience gained from working with Embedded Control Systems in the control systems industries including software project management, requirement analysis, system analysis, software development, testing, integration and maintenance. We provide professional embedded solution services enabling our clients to focus only on their core competencies. The services of BigLeap are designed to meet the needs of its client that in turn help their customers also.

BigLeap brings forth innovative and cutting-edge technologies that provide a wide spectrum of reliable hardware solutions and applications. BigLeap offers state-of-the-art embedded solutions for various industries.


We understand that the client is in need, needs are not just for a solutions disguised as a software application that is readily available and deployed for the client to use them, but the real need is in getting the solution understood, implemented to solve their real world problems and evolve their own internal functioning, thus making a efficient growth and realize the return on investment.

Our Project Managers are proficient in modern technologies and methodology, and know how to link technology and business in an efficient manner. All of them came through extensive training in Project Management Practices and Techniques.

The Project is monitored very closely to ensure smooth and timely progress. Periodic code reviews, and process reviews are conducted to provide high quality of deliverables to ensure client satisfaction. Variation/Change Requirement in the project is analyzed, discussed with the client and necessary corrective measures are derived and reflected in the project plan. The Project Status Report ensures that the client is informed of the progress and modifications in the project on a regular basis.

The following activities are performed on a regular basis:

     Process control throughout the project lifecycle phases (project management, requirements, planning, estimation process, change management, configuration management, testing, measurement, software development.)

     Communication management and reporting reviews

     Reporting control

     Tracking of problems and customer complaints

     Tracking deviations and discrepancies to closure


     Product concept and specification development

     Complete Project Management

     Electronic hardware design and implementation

     Embedded firmware design and implementation

     Re-designs for cost reduction, manufacturing or test enhancement

We work on most modern Embedded System chips and Operating Systems. BigLeap Innovation Company provides migration and integration services for embedded software, hardware and software selection consulting, testing and quality assurance services.


At BigLeap, we are involved in designing, programming and developing embedded software components and systems. Big Leap software engineering team possesses considerable experience in solution development for all modern operating systems, both Windows and Linux.


     Atmel 8051

     Microchip PIC

Programming Languages

     C / C++

     Assembly languages

     Java, HTML

Development Tools

     Configuration Management Tools

      Debuggers (source & assembly level)

     Embedded C, GCC, KEIL C/C++, Java, assembler,MPLAB


     Structured Analysis & Design

     Object-Oriented Analysis Design