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Linux Server Management


BigLeap’s committed management services stand out in the front row. We recognize the importance of your business, and we will regard your systems as if they were our own.

Our Linux Server Management program is a resolved systems maintenance package, letting you concentrate on what really matters.

What we do
Being with us, you are able to focus on your core-business, while BigLeap takes care of your servers. We monitor critical system log files, and check for security updates on a daily basis.

Our Linux server management package is a perfect maintenance package that serves your business with the following:
   Maintaining your systems modified and secure.
   Rendering a key point of contact for any server concerned issue.
   Dealing with all needs for highly competent resources, in a quested-requirement style.
   Cutting down gross expenditures related to your IT assets.
    Allowing you to focus on your core business needs.
All issues opened via our support team will set off a step-up process. We ensure a prompt response.

Security setting and initial audit

Our security setting and auditing process includes external scans, and internal features including, PHP settings, firewall configuration, mod-security, scan, and lot more.

Hands-on updates

We monitor all updates for Linux distributions and control panels. When we find an update that calls for your system, we will suggest you, test in our labs if necessary and plan an appropriate implementation.

Security audit

Our security audit is an automated monthly scan. Any issues noticed will be informed directly to you. Depending on the grimness and the nature of an exposure discovered, we will talk over with you the alternatives available to settle this issue, and apply the appropriate resolution.

Services extended
   Pro-active updates.

    Service optimization.

    Monthly security scan.

    Daily black-list checks.

   Capacity monitoring .

   Server Log analysis .

   Administration time .

   Architecture planning .

   System backups .

    Backup design .

    Security consultation .