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Open Source Software (OSS) has proven to be a safe, scalable and cost-effective choice to many marketable products. The biggest benefit of Open Source is the readily available source code that can be modified at ease to make it work according to specific needs. This allows programs to be tailored specifically to your requirements, without the cost of starting the product from scratch. The advantages of customizing and creating your own product can be a decisive business advantage for your company above those using packaged products.

In recent years, software development organizations have recognized the potential of open source consulting as a mean to customize and implement cost-effective, high-quality, and secure open source solutions. Open source projects results in better software - as they use the best ideas and implementations from anyone who use it.

BigLeap is a leading provider of open source solutions for mission-critical enterprise applications. We offer open source consulting services that help increase the quality, consistency, and efficiency of the open source software. We provide open source consultancy services in following areas:

  Selecting the right product: Helps the client to determine which open source product is suitable to solve a particular business problem. We determine the right product considering various factors, such as client requirements, cost, and technologies.

   Providing knowledge about license policies: Many people know that - the open source software package is free and can be distributed and modified. They do not know about the licenses attached with the open source software package. Daffodil provides consultancy services to make the people understand license policies

   Customizing the open source product: Helps the clients to customize the existing open source products available in the market. For customization, we add new features on the top of the product and improve existing features.

   Integrating different open source products to develop the best solution: BigLeap provides consultancy services to integrate various existing open source products to solve a particular business problem based on the client requirements