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OLeap HRM Suite is a cutting-edge HRMS/Payroll system that is geared towards the needs of both Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large business establishments. Extending brilliant power, flexibility, scalability, and platform-independency, the OLeap HRM Suite is a comprehensive and integrated Web-based application developed to facilitate rapid deployment at a single location. The system is comprised of the HRM and Payroll applications, which include fundamental modules that will help your organization, manage, coordinate, and contour all human resources activities. OLeap HRM is proven to be a process-driven solution that is adaptable to the company specific requirements, as well as to constantly growing HR requirements.

Oleap HRM is an HRM suit that is capable of managing the Human Resource in an organization. It provides an exact level for coordination and perspective of your HR processes along with your organization and act as an aid to your fast growth. This HRM suit is made in accordance with all the rules and regulations made by the Government of India.