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To overcome the challenges of today's modern business, we have developed OLeap Cart Suite, an affordable application to contribute the most commonly used e-Business functions into one integrated application. With OLeap Cart Suite, the Internet is integrated into the DNA of your business, opening new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Designed for Today's Connected World - OLeap Cart Suite is a desktop application that uses the latest 'web services' technology to securely connect to data over the internet. OLeap Cart Suite offers LAN comparable performance over the internet.Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B)- OLeap Cart will create a single point of data controlling both your website and back office operations. Pricing and other business rules work identically in both the eCommerce website and back office application.With our new technology you can run your entire company from your local server or web server. With your website and backend operations running from the same server your entire business can run in real time without compromise.