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BigLeap offer continuous support to its customer for all projects executed by us. We make sure that you get the best possible service and support so that there exists no room for any query or concern that you might have through following support options such as basic telephonic support, e-mail support to on-line support through remote maintenance, etc.

Remote support

Our Linux remote server maintenance services/support is a money-saving option/advantage to on-the-spot administrator. Through our services, ensure that all the prospects of care are covered, which is frequently thought to be impossible in-house.

As a result of fast developments it became difficult for in-house department to keep themselves informed about new issues, mends, bugs. To ensure that that your services are run unobstructed, it is always better to take the services of a professional.

E-Mail support

This makes sure that you get a secured response to your problem. We provide free email support for our existing clients.

Telephonic support

Telephonic consultation/support is also in place for all our projects and solutions. 24x7 support is accessible to assist your company with problem finding, administration, and resolution. This also lets in functional and “how to” aid in the use of our projects and solutions. The telephonic support is available in the following forms:

     Customer service.

     Technical support .

     Service activation .

     Complete query resolution .

On-site Support

BigLeap guarantees on-the-spot execution and support constricts for, its Infrastructure and Business Solutions.

If you have any queries mail to us at: